Aspire Evoke 2 - 350mm Wide

Key Features

  • The Aspire EVOKE 2 and EVOKE 2 HD are highly adjustable, lightweight, aluminium wheelchairs designed to enable a personalised fit for every user. A comprehensive range of compatible accessories is available for increased independence and enhanced clinical outcomes.
  • CUSTOMISABLE BACKREST - Tension Adjustable, Angle Adjustable, and Height Adjustable
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - The sleek, lightweight frame puts manoeuvrability and handling at the forefront of this design, allowing responsive handling and easy lifting. Camber kit available to upgrade handling and balance for highly active users.
  • CONTOURED PADDED OVERLAY - The contoured padded overlay offers the user increased comfort and is ideal for those who are in their wheelchair for longer periods of time. The mild contouring assists in positioning and pressure distribution, while the fabric allows air movement, increasing breathability. It is easily removed to allow washing when required.
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE - The wide array of adjustable features fulfil many clinical requirements and are geared towards independence and comfort
  • Overall Width: 560 - 820 mm
  • Armrest Height: 205 - 225 mm

Seat Width